Each of us have the intrinsic need to grow, expand, contribute and transform- to live a happy, joyful life. Yet, there are moments in life where we get entangled up in the situation and the emotions thatlead to reacting and doing things that takes us away from our goal.
There are times where we get in to a rage, behave ruthlessly only to wonder later – what happened to me ? How did I do it ? Why did I do it?
There are many decisions that we took hoping for a benefit, yet it worked otherwise – a result which one is not happy about – Sometimes they would have a caused a visible irreversible change in the course of our life.

While the visible changes are few the invisible changes happen every moment in our life and we are not aware about it. When one is under influence of deep seated emotions and patterns; engulfment or decision making happens every moment unconsciously and hence its said that ‘you keep creating your life every moment- but its only that you do it unconsciously’.
The process of Bahiranga Sadana and Antaranga Sadhana of yoga is to reduce the influence of the past, create a space between you and the past which will give you more power to live life more consciously – a power that can empower you to transform your life.
Adhyaropa.( Superimposition) – A core principle in Vedanta that tends to explain such unconscious actions.

Adhyaropa -To be understood simply, I see a rope but run away thinking it’s a snake. OR there is a real snake I still touch it thinking it’s a rope.
This means that I do not see ‘what is happening in the here and now’ ‘as it is’ and so I do not respond to the situation that’s happening in the here and now.
This is means that I am responding to an experience of the past while something else is happening I see and experience something in the present, that triggers an emotion. This emotion kick starts a series of related emotions (may be a more intense one from the past) which opens up a host of related experiences. I superimpose that experience in the here and now and respond to the same.
This leads to confusion and past patterns keep repeating. All these happens in micro seconds. Many such events leads to patterns which leads to storing up of high degree of attachment or aversion to certain people and incidents.

In relationship this shows up powerfully. Deep inside my need would be connect and love yet, I may not be able to tolerate the presence of the other person.
In career I will have all the right knowledge about what to do to succeed, yet I will end up doing otherwise.
I will want to eat healthy food, yet I end up eating otherwise.
The list goes on and on.
This happens because our mind has three functions
A. Observing, perceiving
B. Storing information
C. Projecting the same
As a baby we have been observing a lot. It naturally filled our hearts with wonder. Everytime we observe of perceive, our mind has an innate capability to store the complete experience including the emotion related to that. This is what is called as Samskara in Vedanta. When we experience another situation that triggers the same emotion, it projects the old memory inside and we keep responding to the past and not to the present. This happens unconsciously and powerfully because of the energy and unresolved emotions held up in one past experience makes very less energy available for the present.
Source of past experience in this life originates from infancy as mind keeps storing information.
Vedanta also talks about about samskaras from past life.


The source of samskara can also from the past of our parents. Everyone one has in oneself the material from the mother and father also. When one grows in the womb the physical structure grows from the physicality of the mother. Hence the source the past is also rooted in the lives of our ancestors also – transgenerational. In our culture we talk about influence of seven or nine generations in the present.
Society, education system, culture, nation etc are all source of samskaras.

Everytime we get an emotion there is a chemical change that happens in the body. Science tells us that cells in the body are replaced fully every six months. When cells change the memory is retained.
Its because the memory is transferred from the dying cell to the new cell.
Hence it would be meaningless to have a goal of finding and resolving the cause all such influences.
Vedanta clearly says that while one can never find were it originated first one can out an end to it.
Our focus thus is to create a distance from the mind and its contents so we see it. If I am inside a situation I cannot see it clearly. I will see only half of it. If I come out of a situation I can see it fully.
The technique used to buy a dress of your choice is a simple example. First we see it in the rack, then we single it out, Watch it closely then keep it a little farther away. Then we try it out and see how it fits us. We may also ask the opinion of others. Then we make a choice.
The workshop, ‘Inner transformation with transpersonal learning’ – will help you to use the tools of Vedanta to explore real life challenges currently experienced in a experiential space using the energy of a group.
The goal is to facilitate growth and transformation by creating a space to see clearly what is happening in the here and now, see what is being superimposed, experience and release from the entanglement – a process that would give you more energy to live life more consciously.
It uses a drama based approach that makes the process dynamic and powerful experientially, which means that learning, release and re-progamming happens at the same time, as it happens in real life.
The goal is to clear up energies that are locked up in the past experience and make more energy available to live life today and create a new future.
The facilitator, Saravanan, is trained and certified in Yoga and Psychology with specialisation in Regression, Family constellations, Sociodrama and Group processes.

A.K Saravanan

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