Community Outreach Programmes

Yoga for a Cause is an outreach programme aimed at engaging our students and citizens of our country in Karma Yoga, Selfless Service. The centre takes up a project and works towards a social cause and gathers as many people for this cause. The more support we gain the more work we are able to do.

Karma Yoga is the art of selfless service. It purifies the heart and makes one more humble. Serving the community and giving back to the society is what our Master Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda lived a life for. The pure intention of serving the community just for the sake of being of help to mankind is what we aim at working towards.

Below are some of the projects we have worked on. We aim at continuing to keep this spirit of service alive with your support and goodwill.

For further information on how to volunteer please contact us.
We also accept donations for different projects in whichever way possible.

Join hands with us in building a community that is more loving, humble and aware dedicated to the service of humanity.

16th December 2018

Thiruvanmiyur Corporation School

On 16th December, Students, Volunteers and Staff all gathered and walked up to the Senior Secondary School in Thiruvanmiyur. Together we cleaned the block A of the school. We covered the toilets, classrooms and corridors and the area surrounding the building.

19th January 2019
Kaakum Karangal

Yoga Awareness Programme in orphanage and Senior’s home

This day we gathered and went to the Kaakum Karangal home. Here we did a yoga demonstration, followed by a Yoga asana workshop. Post this the children and seniors were given a talk on Yoga and health benefits. The day ended with yummy samosas for all.

16th March 2019

Yoga Awareness Programme in the slums of Kottivakkam

A day spent in gathering all the members of the slums near kotivakkam. We will do a yoga demonstration, workshop and talk on benefits of yoga.