Workshops & Programmes

Visit of Swami Paramananda

 ( free yoga class and satsang)


Date: Sunday 8th

Timing:  4 pm to 530 pm yoga class

                 6 pm to 730 pm satsang


Swami Paramananda, manager of the Sivananda Yoga Ranch, has been dedicated to the practices of Yoga for nearly a decade. Through his intense devotion to Yoga and his great sense of humor, Swami Paramananda is a wonderful teacher who effortlessly weaves classical yoga teachings into today’s modern lifestyle.

Go Deeper: Hatha Yoga Workshop

by Nirmala Chaitanya

Date: Monday 16th to Wednesday, 18th

Timing: 10 am to 11 30 am



Deepen your understanding of the purpose and benefit of the asanas and pranayama.

In this workshop series we ask the question, “Why?” Why do we do these practices? (Hint: It’s not just stretching, or to keep the thyroid healthy!) We will explore the more subtle effects of the yoga practices and how we “feel” when we do them. We will also explore how they help us to find meaning, kind of like art does. We will also talk about the order and sequence of asanas that we practice. Why do we start with headstand and end on the feet in the triangle? We will explore the meaning of the sequence of asanas and their subtle physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Christmas Celebrations

                    followed by dinner


Date: Tuesday 24th

Timing: 8 pm to 9 pm


Join our Christmas Celebrations with a performance. Share with us your talent for a familiar entertainment.