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‘Austerity, Self- Study, Surrender to God Constitute Kriya Yoga’ – Maharishi Patanjali

Self – Study (Svadyaya) is an integral part of Yoga

Inner Transformation with Transpersonal Learning

By Saravanan


The Guided two day Drama and theatre based Experiential Process to ‘explore and immerse’ yourself in your ‘Self”based on Transformation Tools from Vedanta and Yoga Psychology –

Helps to identify and dissolve resistance for inner change

Facilitates transformation from a deeper core

Facilitates application on a moment to moment basis

Empowers one to identify, resolve and change

Facilitates integration of yoga in daily life ‘in the here and now’

Key outcomes:

Identify -Release – Reprogram yourself from Compulsive emotions, patterns and behaviours that currently hinder and stagnate.

Empower yourself with holistic “here and now- as it is happening’ tools that can be applied in real – life situations to help you achieve goals

Emotional and Spiritual Healing of the past that hinders living life fully in the present

Learning to Understand, apply and integrate core principles of Vedanta and Yoga psychology in daily life


Dates – April 6 and 7th , 2019 (Sat and Sun)

Time : 9 AM to 5 PM

Donation : Rs 3000/-

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Maximum Number of participants not to exceed 20

Tea twice and Lunch will be provided

Guided Meditation for 20 minutes on both days.


Meditation with Kalyani Ji


29th April to 3rd May 2019

 Monday to Friday.

 6:30 to 8:00 pm


Concentration and Meditation are the Royal Roads to perfection – Swami Sivananda

Kalyani Ji our senior teacher and Co- Director of Sivananda Dhanwantari Ashram – Neyyar Dam will take you through the step by step techniques of meditation providing you with tools to incorporate in your daily life. The regular practice of which, helps bring peace and harmony in life. A well guided look into the benefits and the journey of the meditative process.

Sivananda Kid’s Camp

20th April to 29th April

Saturday to Monday

11:00am to 12:30pm


With the increasing pressures from society, including school and social media children today more than ever need a foundation of strength and understanding to successfully navigate the World.

What better way than to attend the kids camp.

A beautiful way to adapt the yoga teachings even while within the city.

Here we focus on instilling a sense of discipline and healthy practice in the children.

Yoga asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Karma Yoga, fun activities and more.

Let your children spend their time in a unique and fruitful way.

Special Satsang By Nataraj Ji

Introduction to Meditation

 28th April





Utilise your time in the company of positive and like minded people.

An uplifting and elevating experience with Nataraj Ji where he will be introducing Meditation as a practice which will be followed by the Meditation workshop conducted by Kalyani Ji.

Yoga Asanas and Pranayama with Nataraj Ji

Director of Sivananda Dhanwantari Ashram – Neyyar Dam


27th April


 Time: 9:30am to 11:00am



Experience an open class with Nataraj Ji a Senior Hatha Yoga teacher in the Organisation who will take you through the Paranayama and Asana practice sharing his knowledge with you.


Salutations to the Sun.


31 st  March




This Sunday we practice 108 rounds of Sun Salutation. A regular Yoga practitioner understands the importance of the classical practice and the benefits of the Surya Namaskara.

This day we attempt 108 rounds as a meditative practice and a challenge to the mind to stay focused on one thing giving a good warm up to the entire body and turning the mind inwards.