This month on the 16th of March the Sivananda Chennai Staff and Volunteers are visiting the Kottivakkam Samuga Nala Koodam to spread the awareness of yoga.

Yoga has its roots in each individual and the deeper one is able to penetrate into his own functioning the more he is able to enjoy life and live to the fullest.

Yoga teaches us to lead a life with minimal necessities from the outside world. It reunites us with our true self, that who is ever blissful in any situation.

Through the practice of yoga we envision to remove the ills of society, drugs, smoking and alcohol which bring an individual to their lowest state.

These ills exist in every walk and part of society and taxonomic groups.

It is our responsibility as aware citizens to spread the teachings of  Yoga to all.

Our teacher, Swami Vishnudevananda envisioned to spread to the world the 5 points of yoga

Proper Exercise, Proper Breathing, Proper Relaxation, Proper Diet, Positive thinking and meditation.

Through these we can help ourselves and spread this to all around us.

On this day we will conduce a workshop in the Kottivakkam Samuga Nala Koodam.

Pamphlets about the benefits of yoga will be distributed, there will be a short workshop and talk on the benefits of Yoga and how importance it is to do yoga.

The staff have been working extremely hard to create awareness and we encourage all to come forward and take part in this awareness programme.

Serve Love Give Purify Meditate Realize – Swami Sivananda.


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