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Workshops and Their Timings


Celebrate your  X'mas with us on December 25th   

Yoga Class at 8 AM to 9:30 Am  




Controlling the body’s energy (prana) is beneficial for both our physical and mental lives. In this workshop we will deepen the knowledge of the techniques learnt in Yoga 1 and introduce more advanced practices.

Mornings : 6.00 am
11th January 


Those seeking to master the headstand, the King of asanas, will benifit from the headstand workshop. Designed to guide you gently and systematically through the eight steps and to enable longer holding time with minimum effort.

Mornings : 6.00 am
20th December
Mornings : 10.00 am
20th December 
Evenings : 6.30 pm
20th December 

Hip Flexibility

Many of our emotions are held in our hip joints and muscles. Use this workshop to relieve some of these tensions and improve your overall well-being and yoga practice.

Evenings : 6.30 pm
Dec 31

Shat Kriyas

An opportunity to learn the basic techniques of jala neti, sutra neti, kunjar kriya for helping remove toxins and excess mucus from the body. Also practice agni sara and other practices for stimulation of digestive system and other benefits.

Mornings : 6.30 Am

10th January

Surya Namaskar

An opportunity to learn how to improve your technique, and develop your stamina with a more prolonged practice of this exercise which is essential for flexibility and increasing ones breathing capactiy and vitality.

Mornings : 8.00 am
18th January


Aiming at improving your concentrations with focus on balancing postures

Mornings : 10.00 am
7th January
Evenings : 6.30 pm
7th January

Yoga for Back

If you have less flexible back and have problems doing backward and forward bending. This workshop helps in improving flexibility of spine.

Workshop Dates :
21st January



Expand and deepen your knowledge of the science of yoga by attending some our workshops. Please note that dates of workshops are fixed but times are flexible (except Shat Kriyas). If you are interested in attending please give your details to reception and we can find a time suitable to all participants.

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