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Satsang is at the heart of yoga practice. It is the gateway to inner peace and spiritual growth.It means ‘association with the wise’. It starts with half an hour of silent meditation followed by devotional chanting and an informal talk on the practical philosophy of yoga and vedanta. Here is an opportunity to share the wisdom of our Masters, Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda, through their books and other writings. The group energy of Satsang helps in accelerating the personal growth of the aspirants; meditating together creates a strong spiritual atmosphere which allows for a deeper experience of meditation. People of different levels come together, from newcomers to experienced yoga teachers—it is free and all are welcome.

Please be in touch with the centre for festivals and other spiritual gatherings.

Headstand Workshop

Those seeking to master the headstand, the King of asanas, will benefit from the headstand workshop. Designed to guide you gently and systematically through the eight steps and to enable longer holding time with minimum effort.

Prerequisite: Yoga 1

Donation:  INR 500

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Time/ Month April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec
 4 PM 7 5 2 7 4 1 6 3 1


Meditation workshop

This workshop will help you to understand the nature of fear, anxiety, depression and other emotions of the mind, which keep one away from achieving goals. Attend this workshop to find the Yogic techniques to keep a positive attitude in any situations.

Donation:  INR 500

Upcoming Timings: 

Month/Timings September October November December January february march
4:00 PM 22 20 17 22 26 23 22

Prana and Pranayama workshop

Accessing your inner power with help of your breath is a useful tool. It will help you to live the life to its fullest. Pranayama is a control & extension of breath which awakens prana or life force. Practicing the way you inhale and exhale can help you manipulate your vital energy to successfully activate  or soothe your mood.

Donation:  INR 500

Upcoming Dates: 

Time/ Month April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec
 4 PM 12 10 14 12 9 8 27 24 29

Shat Kriya Workshop

An opportunity to learn the basic techniques of jala neti, sutra neti, kunjar kriya for helping remove toxins and excess mucus from the body. Also practice agni sara and other practices for stimulation of digestive system and other benefits.

Donation:  INR 500

Upcoming Dates

Month/Timings September October November December January february march
6:00 AM 14 12 09 14 11 08 07