International Day of Yoga Celebration 2018

Trivandrum | Madurai | Delhi | Chennai | Gudur | Uttarkashi


Daily practice of yoga yields physical, mental and spiritual benefits. However, most of the people are not aware of all the benefits of yoga.

Our goals for this year’s IDY celebration are:

  1. Promote a yogic lifestyle as devised by Swami Vishnudevananda using “The 5 Points of Yoga” i.e. proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation.
  2. Teach and support every participant to practice the 5 points in daily life.

Multi City Events

  • Main event at Trivandrum
  • Mini events at centres and ashrams across the country.
    (Delhi | Chennai | Madurai | Gudur | Uttarkashi)

Follow-on Workshops

  • 1 hour workshop/doubt clearance session at each Sivananda centre and ashram. This will be organized every Sunday for following 3 weeks.

Online Learning Materials

  • Video tutorials of 12 basic asanas that illustrate each asana in a holistic manner, starting from preparatory exercises to actual steps, risks, common mistakes, and benefits.

Morning Session   : For students and professionals

09.30 AM – 10.15 AM  : Inauguration

  • Welcome Speech by Shri Nataraj, Director of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantri Ashram
  • Lighting of lamp by Shri V Muraleedharan, Member of Parliament
  • Janma Samadhi Yatra Launch by
    • Swami Harihara Chaithanya, Founder Amba Ashram
    • Swami Isa, Founder Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust

10.15 AM – 12.15 PM  : Assisted Yoga Class

12.15 PM – 12.30 PM  : Question & Answers


Evening Session  : For general public

04.30 – 06.00 PM  : Sessions on 5 Points of Yoga

  • Proper Exercise by Dr. Trishna Devarajan, Medical Officer under the Department of AYUSH, Govt. of India.
  • Proper Breathing by Dr Athira Chandran B.A.M.S, Specialized in Yoga and Meditation
  • Proper Relaxation by Dr. Sheira Sundarrajan, B.Sc, B.N.Y.S. Specialized in Yogic Science & Music Therapy
  • Proper Diet by Mrs.Uma Kalyani, Registered Dietitian and Yoga Trainer, Managing Partner of Yoga Plus.
  • Positive Thinking & Meditation by Dr Ramachanra Guha, Vice Chancellor S- VYASA University.

(Proper Exercise | Proper Breathing | Proper Relaxation | Proper Diet | Positive Thinking)

06.00 – 06.15 PM : Natya Yoga

  • A fusion of Traditional Yoga with Indian Classical dance, Concept designed by Mrs. Uma Kalyani & Mrs. Vidya Pradeep along with the students of Yoga Plus

06.15 – 08.15 PM  : Assisted Yoga Class

08.15 – 08.30 PM  : Question & Answers