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Accommodation is simple shared dormitories. Separate dormitory buildings for men and ladies. We have two types of dormitory space. Both are available for men and women separately. Dorm 1 is the original simple, thatched coconut leaf style walls and roofing. Dorm 2 is a rustic red brick style, under flat concrete roof.



For each guest, a bed with a mattress and supports for mosquito net, plus 2 bed sheets, a pillow with cover and a mosquito net are provided. A shared desk and window, with a chair, is provided to each set of two beds. Each guest will have one lockable cupboard, and some concrete shelves, and a luggage storage shelf above.





Shared bathroom facilities are provided with cold water only. There are Indian and Western style toilets. There are basins available for laundry in the bathroom facilities.





Generous storage facilities are provided, a window and desk between two guests, plus a private lockable cupboard and above and below that cupboard, generous sized concrete shelving for bags, books etc.

There are no shared or single rooms available.







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