The reception boutique stocks many items including books, yoga mats, stationery, postcards, cds, shawls, yoga and casual Indian style clothing, toiletries and cosmetics, batteries, and simple snack foods. Payment in cash in Indian rupees only.


Email and telephone facilities are available. However, the facilities are limited so guests must keep email and telephone communications to a minimum, to allow all guests equal access.


Incoming and outgoing post services are available at the ashram reception. Provide our postal address to your correspondents, as per our Contact.

Laundry Service

An independent and affordable laundry service is available during Teachers Training Courses only.

Safe Keeping

Valuables may be stored in a locked safe in the reception area, however this facility is provided at the Guest's own risk. Do not leave valuables openly in the dormitories as petty theft may occur. We recommend you not to bring high value items to the ashram as we cannot guarantee the facilities to secure them.


Health Hut

Health Hut provides a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy fruit salads, juices and snacks outside the class schedule. Open during Teachers Training Courses and Sadhana Intensive only.


A small library is available, housing a variety of books on yoga related topics. Library is not open during international courses.


Batteries - a separate disposal bin is located at reception.

Any unwanted items, such as used clothing, medicine etc. may be left at reception for distribution to those in need.

All the above facilities are closed during classes, satsang times and after 20:00 hrs.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres supports this AYUSH initiative