Check-in time for the ashram is after 1400 hrs, check-out time is before 1100 hrs.

All guests should report to reception upon arrival or departure from the ashram. If you are leaving outside office hours (which are 08:00am to 20:00pm), please check-out the day before. We require you to return all bedding before departure.



We serve healthy sattvic South Indian style vegetarian cuisine twice a day; brunch at 10am and supper at 6pm.

 A sattvic diet, also referred to as a yogic diet, is based on foods that are strong

in the sattva guna(positive qualities) which is beneficial for a spiritual aspirant.

Ingredients completely avoided: Onion, garlic and mushroom

Drinking Water

Safe, filtered water, or boiled Ayurvedic herbal water is freely available, both suitable for foreign tourists to safely drink.

What to bring

Sandals, toiletries, personal items like books, writing materials, mosquito repellent, meditation shawl for cool evenings, yoga asana mat or pad, towels and a torch. Comfortable casual and asana class clothes, taking into consideration the conservative local dress standards which include covering knees, waist, shoulders and chest for ladies, and at least knees, waist and chest for gentlemen. You may require warmer clothes in the evening during December & January when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Centigrade at night.

Most essential items are usually available from our ashram boutique, including toilet paper and batteries, stationary, cosmetics like shampoo, toothpaste, soap, laundry detergents, yoga mats and clothing.


Check with your local health authority for advice regarding vaccinations for visiting India.

Visa requirements

A visa is required from most countries to visit India. Foreign Nationals are required to bring their original passport with them.

Karma Yoga

The ashram is a charitable, non-profit organization supported by dedicated volunteer staff. Karma Yoga, a service done without selfish expectations, is an essential part of Yoga practice. Guests are expected to participate in the daily karma yoga tasks.

Ashram Rules and Guidelines

To maintain the spiritual atmosphere we ask all ashram guests to comply with the ashram rules. The ashram reserves the right of admission and students may be asked to leave if their behaviour goes against the ashrams rules and teachings.


More information on Ashram Rules & Guidelines.


Kindly note

The spoken and teaching language of the ashram is English.

The daily schedule times and activities may vary according to need.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres supports this AYUSH initiative