Fasting with Holistic Therapies, Ayurvedic Massage and Colon Cleansing

This programme offers a two-week fast on fruit juices and vegetable broth. It includes holistic therapies with herbs, Ayurvedic massage and colon cleansing. During the programme the participants will partake in the daily Ashram schedule.

By combining the practice of yoga and fasting the participants experience transformation not only on the physical level but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Flower essences, yoga and meditation help this process. As toxins are eliminated a new level of physical, mental and spiritual awareness unfolds.

Yoga and meditation are ideal for the spiritual aspirant when purifying through fasting, they are an important aspect of our Fasting and Detoxification Program. In addition herbs and powders facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. When these poisons are eliminated from our system, negative emotions are also released.


Christopher David Lloyd Pack (Narayana) Christopher David Lloyd Pack (Narayana)is the highly-experienced course facilitator for this programme. He received his training  at the world-renowned Moinhos Velhos Health Retreat in Portugal. Frank Jensen (Parameshwara) the founder-director of the Retreat developed this programme over decades of personal experience.


Why should I detoxify? Do I need to detoxify?

The body is an incredible instrument; it can handle and adjust to most situations. However if the body is overloaded with toxins it becomes stressed and we become ill. Toxins are in our food, water, air, they also come as radiation from mobile phones, TVs, and computers. To help the body restore itself to perfect health we need detoxification of the entire gastro-intestinal tract and all organs, especially the liver and the kidneys. With good health we can hope to live life to the full. The Clysmatic (gravity colonic) effectively cleanses the colon. The selected herbs will cleanse the entire gastrointestinal system.

The Clysmatic functions like a gravity colonic. It is comfortable and easy to use. It is used directly on the toilet. Good intestinal hygiene can help keep many diseases away. The Clysmatic is used daily during the fast to facilitate the elimination of hardened deposits in the large intestines, a process which becomes easier whilst fasting, practising yoga and taking the various supplements. The method is not an enema and is not habit forming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is your fasting programme different from others?
A: Some fasting programmes provide only water. We take fruit and vegetable juices as well as vegetable broth along with herbs, vitamins and minerals.  The Swedish Dr. Ragnar Berg, long our world's foremost authority on nutrition and biochemistry stated "During fasting, the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. We can help this process by drinking alkaline juices instead of water."  Furthermore with the herbs, we cleanse the entire gastro-intestinal tract, the Clysmatic (a gravity-type colonic) cleanses and stimulates the lower intestine, other cleansing treatments assure the elimination of toxins and the balancing of the entire system, and the yoga and meditation facilitate the purification of the mind and spirit. All of this in a most serene and pure setting.

Q: Will I not be terribly hungry, not eating for so many days?
A: No, with all the powders, juices and broth taken, you will not feel hungry.

Q: Without solid food, will I not become extremely weak?
A: No, you receive direct nutrition from the juices, and in addition to the powders and herbal pills taken to eliminate toxins, you will receive supplements to keep your energy level high. As a matter of fact, after a few days you will probably feel more energetic than you have in ages.

Q: Is this an easy programme?
A: For some people, it is not only easy, it is a joy! People who have fasted before, say it is the easiest fast they ever did.

Q: Will I lose a lot of weight?
A:  It varies from individual to individual. If you are too heavy you will definitely lose weight.  If you already are at your optimum weight you will not lose too much.  If you are skinny you may lose a little weight but after the programme you will gain weight in all the right places. After the programme nutrients are more effectively absorbed by the system, and you will find you can eat less. 

Q: Will it help me to stop smoking?
A: Absolutely! With the elimination of nicotine toxins from your system, your craving for cigarettes will also end. We know of no programme more effective in breaking the habit.

Q: Will I have a healing crisis?
A: Very unlikely, although each person is different. It appears that the effective elimination of toxins as the body begins to detoxify is instrumental in avoiding a healing crisis.

Q: Will fasting cure my... migraine, allergy, cancer...?
A: Fasting in itself does not cure anything, but it is a means of permitting the resources of the body itself to take over, to effect healing unmatched by any other method.


Daily Schedule

Attendance of the entire Ashram daily schedule is mandatory.

0520 hrs     Wake up
0530 hrs     Neti
0600 hrs     Satsang
0730 hrs     Lemon Tea/Powders
0800 hrs     Asana Class
1000 hrs     Juice/Herbs
1230 hrs     Juice/Powders
1330 hrs     Herbs
1430 hrs     Juice/Powders
1600 hrs     Asana Class
1800 hrs     Broth/Herbs
2000 hrs     Satsang
2200 hrs     Lights out


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For all accommodation 2 bed sheets, a pillow, pillow case and mosquito net are provided.


What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, sandals, toiletries, personal items, meditation shawl for cool evenings, yoga asana mat or pad, meditation cushion, notebooks, pens, towels and a torch.

These items can usually be purchased in the ashram boutique.


Ashram Facilities

More information on the Madurai Ashram Facilities.


How to Register 

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Foreign Nationals are required to bring their original passport with a valid visa for India.


The course content is the responsibility of course facilitator and does not necessarily reflect the teachings and views of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres (ISYVC).


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