Courses & Classes

The Open Class is available on a drop-in basis to all who have completed the Beginners’ Course (Yoga 1). The powerful sequence of traditional yoga includes pranayama, sun salutation, the 12 classical basic postures and deep relaxation.

Prerequisite: Yoga 1 or teacher approval

Duration: 1 month
Fee : INR 1500

Free Trial Yoga Class

A chance to drop in for an introductory yoga class for those who want to bring yoga into their lives and learn about the Sivananda-style yoga practice. A great opportunity to try this class before signing up for our Beginners’ Course.

Yoga 1: Beginners’ Course

Learn the basics of yoga systematically in a relaxed setting with one of our yoga courses for Beginners. The course takes a step-by-step approach to develop strength, flexibility, good breathing habits, concentration and relaxation. You will gain a firm foundation in:
• Yoga postures (asanas) • Breathing exercises (pranayama) • Relaxation exercises • Proper diet • Positive thinking and meditation

The course prepares you for the Open Classes and more advanced courses at the Centre as well as enabling you to establish a regular practice at home. The Sivananda Training Manual is included with the course.

Duration: 2 weeks (10 classes)
Fee : INR 3000

Kids’ Yoga

A lively approach to yoga to help kids develop co-ordination, flexibility, strength and confidence as well as enhancing concentration, memory and a sense of well-being and self-awareness. The classes include yoga postures, proper breathing, meditation, chanting and spiritual storytelling. It’s a lot of fun—the kids make new friends and develop new and positive interests. Open to children age 7-12 years.

Duration: 8 sessions
Fee : INR 2000

Private Classes

Due to an increased demand from students who are not able to attend regular scheduled yoga classes or who require personal attention, the Centre now offers private yoga classes.  Please contact the Centre for full information.

Duration: 10 classes
Fee : INR 5000