Yoga Retreats and Other Activities

Yoga retreat at Neyyardam Ashram

Time: Third Saturday & Sunday of every month

We will arrange two full day retreat and tour at our Neyyardam Ashram site on the weekend. Be away from the stressful city life and enjoy the serene atmosphere in a remote village set up with Lion Safari Park, Crocodile Park, and Lake View. Retreat Members will leave the centre by Friday night and will be back in the city by Monday Morning.

Yoga retreat at Meenakshi Ashram, near Madurai

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the ashram surroundings. We regularly arrange a one day retreat at the Meenakshi Ashramon weekends. The day takes you away from the stresses of city life. We leave the centre at 6 am in the morning and return back by 6 pm.

Please contact the centre for details and to register in advance.

Private Classes

Private classes and lectures can be arranged by appointment at the centre, your home or at your work.