Other Treatments


Spine and Neck Care Programme

A seven to fourteen-day specialised programme for the management of a healthy spine and neck, healing any conditions arising from degeneration. The soothing treatments include a series of massages, cleansings and therapies custom-designed to heal back and neck pain.

Immune Boost Programme

A programme of deeply relaxing specialised oil, steam and powder massages to promote circulation in the nervous system and stimulate the immune system, boosting vitality and reducing symptoms of stress. The personalised treatments help those with a weak immune system, poor skin lustre, poor blood and lymph circulation and  those suffering from insomnia and fatigue.

Slimming Programme

A programme of fourteen days combining two types of massage to tone the body and improve circulation: oleation — hot medicated herbal oil massage and sudation — hot kizhi powder bundles massage. The programme also includes hot steam baths to aid in the absorption of the medicated oils and increase skin circulation. The body’s doshic constitution is reviewed and a proper diet is suggested to balance the rhythms of the body.

De-Stressing Programme

A programme to reduce stress of the body and the mind, custom-designed to suit gender and doshic constitution. This seven or fourteen-day programme includes a series of full body massages, mind-relaxing Shirodhara treatments, padabhyanga – foot massage of the marma points and a pure diet.

Abhyanga Massage

One of the most rejuvenating therapies of Ayurveda, treating obesity, body pain, weakness and fatigue. It removes toxins, delays ageing, promotes development of muscles, improves blood circulation, beautifies skin, induces sound sleep, promotes vitality and enhances flexibility.

Punjarjini Massage

A warm oil massage, adopting seven standard positions with slow, fast and vigorous strokes according to the circulatory and marma points. It removes deep-seated and long-stagnant toxins in the joints and tissues.

Kizhi – Herbal Bundles

A process by which the body is encouraged to sweat by the application of warmed medicinal herb powder, leaves or hot rice tied into warm poultices. The therapy relieves tension and aids in detoxification releasing the pain of strained muscles, joint disorders, arthritic conditions and sciatica creating flexibility in the body.

Navarakizhi- Rice Bundles

A treatment using bundles of medicated navara rice, known for its nutritional and therapeutic benefits and highly beneficial for rebuilding nerve strength. A restorative treatment for osteoarthritis, rheumatism, gout, numbness, and for rebuilding muscle tissues. It tightens the skin, removes wrinkles, improves blood circulation, increases immunity and promotes sharpness of vision.

Elakizhi- Leaf Bundles

A fine muslin cloth bundle containing medicinal herbal leaves is applied to the whole body using hot medicated oil. The process strengthens muscles, relieves body pain and cures diseases such as arthritis and paralysis. It promotes increased circulation and perspiration resulting in elimination of toxins from the skin increasing skin lustre and tone.

Podikizhi – Powder Bundles

In this herbal powder bundle massage, dry herbs are packed in a fine muslin cloth bag then gently heated. The heated bundles are then gently patted over the body, using medicated oil. This treatment is designed to purify and balance the body and is used for relieving tension, increasing circulation, loosening toxins, and strengthening muscle tissue.

Nasyam – Nasal Treatment

Nasyam is the inhalation of medicated oil drops, usually after a massage to purge and re-juvenate tissues and organs of the head and neck. This treatment improves oxygenation which has a direct influence on brain function and the senses as well as treating sinus congestion, colds, sinusitis, allergies, headaches and migraines.


This therapy consists of the continuous flow of medicated oil to the forehead. The treatment provides complete rest to the mind, relieving stress-related conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, chronic headaches, hypertension and asthma. It strengthens hair and scalp, reduces nervous tension and improves the functions of the sense organs. It improves mood and alleviates depression.

Treatment Duration *Price (Rs) 
 Rejuvenation Massage (Massage with oil)  1 hour  1200
 Massage and herbal steam bath 1 hour 15 minutes  1500
 Massage and herbal steam bath 3 times  4300
 Head Massage with Nasyam (Nasal Drops)  3 times  4200
 Massage with Hip Bath (Sitting in medicated warm water)  1 time  4800
 Udvarthanam (Powder Massage)  3 times  5000
 Massage with Takra-Dhara (Butter milk)  3 times  6000
 Massage with Shirodhara (Oil)  3 times  8000
 Navarakizhi (Rice milk bundle)  3 times  8300
 Panchakarma  14 days  36000
 Panchakarma  21 days  46000

These prices do not include accommodation