Workshops & Programmes


Satsang is at the heart of yoga practice. It is the gateway to inner peace and spiritual growth.It means ‘association with the wise’. It starts with half an hour of silent meditation followed by devotional chanting and an informal talk on the practical philosophy of yoga and vedanta. Here is an opportunity to share the wisdom of our Masters, Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda, through their books and other writings. The group energy of Satsang helps in accelerating the personal growth of the aspirants; meditating together creates a strong spiritual atmosphere which allows for a deeper experience of meditation. People of different levels come together, from newcomers to experienced yoga teachers—it is free and all are welcome.


You are welcome to join us for Lalitha Sahasranama Puja on all Fridays and Ganapati Homa on the first day of all Malayalam months.

Headstand Workshop

The Headstand—the king of asanas—is a posture that offers a wide range of physical, mental and emotional benefits. This workshop will give you the opportunity to put any reservations aside, and allow you to work on your headstand in a safe and supportive environment. We will focus on correct alignment and look at the techniques for preparing, entering and holding the headstand. Designed to guide you gently and systematically through the eight steps giving you the tools and confidence to practice safely at home and in class.

Prerequisite: Yoga 1

Duration: 1 month
Fee (inclusive of taxes): INR 300 / session

Shat Kriya Workshop

A workshop on the theory and practice of the shat kriyas, the six cleansing exercises of hatha yoga. Learn the ancient yogic practices for cleansing and purifying the body—jala neti, sutra neti and kunjar kriya to remove toxins and excess mucus and wastes from the body, strengthening the respiratory and digestive systems, improving concentration and sharpening the mind. Please do not eat/drink anything in the morning before the workshop. It is essential to practice on an empty stomach.

Prerequisite: Yoga 1

Fee (inclusive of taxes):  INR 300