The boutique stocks most items including books, yoga mats, stationery, postcards, CDs and clothing.

Safe Keeping

Valuables may be stored in the office safe. Valuables are stored at your own risk. Do not leave valuables in the dormitories as petty theft does occur.


The library houses a variety of books on yoga and related topics. The library is not available to international courses students.


Outgoing international calls are available depending on telephone line conditions. There is no facility for incoming calls.


The ashram does not have a laundry service. There are basins available for laundry.

Internet and email

The ashram does not have any internet, email or fax facility.


Incoming and outgoing mail is available at the ashram. Provide our postal address to your correspondents.


Any unwanted items, such as used clothing, medicine etc. may be left at reception for distribution to those in need.

Please Note

The above facilities are available at set times only (please check with the office). All facilities are closed during classes, satsang times and after 2000 hrs.

Upcoming Events

Teacher Training Course

  • 06 Aug -  03 Sept 2017
  • 10 Sep - 08 Oct 2017
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 Sadhana Intensive

  • 15 Oct - 29 Oct 2017
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