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International Courses & Programs

In addition to the Yoga Vacation program we offer training courses such as:

These courses, apart from YACP are held concurrently with the Yoga Vacation program. YACP replaces the Yoga Vacation program during the Christmas and New Season.

For a list of upcoming course dates and donations click here.

How to register

Details on how to register for courses, including application forms

Yoga Ayurveda Cultural Program (YACP)

How to register for the YACP

Fasting & Detoxification Program

A two-week juice fast for purification and detoxification. The course includes Ayurvedic massage, herbal powders, colon cleansing, holistic therapies, allergy/toxin testing, daily yoga asana classes and meditation to facilitate purification at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Guests are accommodated in twin rooms with attached bathroom. Access to all the ashram facilities is available.

More information on the Fasting & Detoxification Program.

How to register for the Fasting & Detoxification Program

Upcoming Events

Teacher Training Course

  •   6 Apr - 4 May 2014
  •   1 Jun - 29 June 2014
  •   6 Jul - 3 Aug 2014
  •   10 Aug - 7 Sep 2014
  •   5 Oct - 2 Nov 2014

    More Info


Yoga Vacation

  • 10 - 25 May 2014

         More info

 Sadhana Intensive

  •  14 - 28 September 2014

        More Info

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