Post COVID care

Have you had the COVID virus, now tested negative with PCR, but not yet regained a feeling of well-being. Still feel tired, shaky,

paining, not quite yourself?

Then join us for this healing and holistic programme specifically aimed to guide you back to full health. You can join for a few days, but we recommend the full programme of two weeks to establish a firm foundation of good all-round health

  • daily gentle yoga, pranayama and meditation
  • periodic checks from a medical team of doctor and nurses
  • guidance to alleviate anxiety and stress
  • tips to strengthen the respiratory and immune systems
  • pure and health – giving food
  • invigorating fresh air
  • Individual guidance on all issues of physical and mental health

To benefit fully from the programme we recommend a stay of two weeks. 3-day minimum stay. All inclusive.

14 nights
Twin-shared room Rs 15,000 per person
Single room Rs 20,000 per person

Per day
Twin-shared room Rs 1,500 per person
Single room Rs 2,000 per person

For all inquiries:

Mr. Mohan Ram : +917868948556
Ms. Jamuna : +919344097153