We teach classical yoga, based on the Four traditional Paths of Yoga and Swami Vishnudevananda’s Five Points of Yoga. Swami Sivananda taught what is called the Yoga of Synthesis, which integrates the Four Paths. We teach traditional yoga, for modern times, with a lot of care and individual attention.

The Five Points of Yoga

The Five Points of Yoga are Swami Vishnudevananda’s way of distilling the traditional teachings of yoga so that they can be easily integrated into daily life, and even busy schedules. As we integrate–even a little bit–of practice into daily life, we start to see profound changes and benefits and it gradually becomes easy to keep up the practice long-term.

Proper Exercise


Proper Breathing


Proper Relaxation


Proper Diet

(Vegetarian & Sattvic)

Positive Thinking And Meditation

(Vedanta and Dhyana)

Four Paths of Yoga

Traditionally, practitioners followed one of the four paths of yoga, or a combination of elements from several of the paths. The main paths are: Karma Yoga, or selfless service; Bhakti Yoga, or devotional practices; Raja Yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga; and Jnana Yoga, the path of wisdom, of Vedanta, or inquiry into the nature of the self. The Yoga of Synthesis advocated by Swami Sivananda is a practice where elements of all four paths are integrated.

Karma Yoga

Bhakti Yoga

Raja Yoga

Jnana Yoga