We believe the best learning is done from scratch in a methodical way. Our courses are designed facilitate personal growth and to help you develop a lifelong supportive yoga practice. They offer an opportunity to learn with one teacher and a group of students at the same level, and lots of individual attention and encouragement.

Yoga Courses

Discover the essence of traditional Hatha Yoga. Our courses allow you to begin a yoga practice, build confidence and the discipline to continue to practice. Traditionally, learning was achieved by working more closely with a teacher until confidence and a proper understanding of the practices was achieved. These courses may be repeated to facilitate this process, or students can take intermediate or advanced level courses to have the close guidance required to progress in their practice.

Yoga Foundations

Yoga 1 & Yoga 2

Yoga 3


Yoga 4


Yoga 5


Meditation Courses

A natural outcome of yoga practice is interest in meditation and discovering how the mind works. In these courses meditation is systematically introduced in alignment with the ancient scriptures. Practical principles allow you to benefit and to notice changes right away. Don’t be discouraged, try meditation today!

Meditation 1


Meditation 2


Positive Thinking


Special Courses

These courses have been developed to help you to discover the deeper meaning of the practice of yoga, the history of the practice, the philosophy underlying the practice, and also to engage with experienced and guest teachers. Check back regularly, as there’s always something unique coming up!

Mindful Sadhana
& Self-Development

Community Classes

Asana Symbol Series

with Nirmala