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We are doing it again !!

Practising Pranayama at Brahmamuhurta !! Pranayama is the most powerful hatha yoga practise to control the mind. Brahma muhurta is a period of two muhurtas , or about one and a half hours before dawn. In the Vedic tradition this period is considered as the ideal time for spiritual practices like prayer and meditation.

Join us for a 5 days practise of pranayama followed by meditation to cleanse and nourish.

Donation : INR 3000 (~ 36 USD)

13th to 17th March 2023

05:00 to 06:00 am IST(GMT + 5.30 hrs)

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Online Yoga

7 Day Open Class

The powerful sequence of traditional yoga includes pranayama, sun salutation, the 12 classical basic postures and deep relaxation.

Prerequisite: Beginners course or teacher approval

Donation : INR 700(~ 9 USD)

20th to 26th Mar 2023

6:00 AM to 7:30 AM IST

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One Hour Yoga

To help the busy people trying to balance between work & self, short duration 60minutes.

Sivananda sequence keeping energized building your immunity and strength.

Prerequisite: Beginners course or teacher approval

Donation : INR 500(~ 6 USD)

20th to 25th Mar 2023

08:00am to 09:00am IST

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Complete Yoga Beginners’(Yoga 1 & 2)

Dive into the transformative power of yoga from the comfort of your own home with our Complete Beginners’ Online Course: Yoga 1 & 2! This comprehensive 3-week course is perfect for those who are new to yoga or looking to renew their practice.

In Yoga 1, you’ll learn the basics of yoga, including 12 postures, sun salutations, breathing techniques, meditation, and more, all from the convenience of your own space.

In Yoga 2, you’ll build on the foundational knowledge from Yoga 1, exploring new variations and holding postures longer. Our experienced instructors will provide tailored guidance to meet your individual needs and help you reach your next level of growth on your yoga journey.

Join us for 6 live online sessions per week over 3 weeks and gain more comfort and confidence with the practices before moving on to Open Classes.

Donation : INR 8000 (~ 97 USD)

3rd to 22nd April 2023

10:00 am to 11:30 am IST (GMT + 5.30 hrs)

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Bagavad Gita Chanting

Pick up your copy of this sacred book and join us on an uplifting daily thirty-minute journey into one of the most hallowed of all scriptures.

Donation : Free (~ 00USD)

Date : Starting From 2nd Jan 2023
Time: 16:30 to 17:00pm IST(GMT + 5.30 hrs)

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Prenatal Yoga (Private Sessions)

Pregnancy need not interrupt your regular yoga practice. Our experienced teachers teach you to breathe more, stretch more, revitalizing & re-energizing you and your baby safely.

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