Sivananda @ Work – Workplace Yoga

Get traditional with yoga. It works at the workplace too.

Sivananda@Work addresses the growing need for workplace wellness, making authentic and traditional yoga accessible to companies in curated and customizable formats–to provide holistic employee well-being and combat work-related stress.

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We offer quality teaching and knowledge sharing of age-old, proven techniques for physical and mental wellbeing at work, through:

  • Specialised online programs for employees
  • Workshops and webinars with expert teachers from India
  • Well-tailored programmes, retreats, employee rejuvenation weekends, and detox ‘work-cations’ at Sivananda Ashrams & Centres, India

Wellness at work is a right of all people who work, no matter their occupation, skill level, industry, size of the business, or country. Now more than ever before, as ‘work from home’ trends slowly blur the lines between work time and personal time, there is an increasing need for employers to take care of their people and incorporate employee-wellbeing as a core organizational value.

After 60+ years of teaching experience worldwide and training nearly 50,000 yoga teachers, we understand how yoga works.

Organisations looking for real well-being solutions, beyond wellness weekends, modified ‘corporate yoga’ & other ‘band-aid’ solutions, will find in Sivananda Yoga:

  • Regular & traditional yoga practice.
  • Attention to physical, mental & emotional well-being.
  • Focus on long term habit-building, not short-term promises.
  • Consistent, tangible results in workforce happiness and productivity.

6-week-long structured yoga programmes offering quality teaching, focused on employee well-being, with highly proficient teachers.

Executive Yoga Program

  • Ideal for teams or batch size of 5-15 employees who are interested in integrating regular yoga in their work life.
  • Builds a strong grounding in all workplace yoga routines; including breathing exercises, sun salutations and yoga postures as well as relaxation.

Gentle Yoga Program

  • Ideal for bigger, drop-in batches with classes open to all employees with batch size of 10-30 employees.
  • Focussed efforts on gentle yogic postures to ensure proper stretching, stress-relief & improved blood circulation in-between busy work days.

Suit on, Shoes off program

  • Ideal for everyone willing to take a short energising break through post-lunch desk yoga sessions.
  • Focussed postures, breathing and stretching to relieve stress specifically in neck , shoulder & back regions to improve efficiency in the second-half of the day.

Sivananda@Work also offers ‘Further Learning Options’ through Special Workshops, Company Retreats, Wellness Talks/Webinars & Sivananda TV.

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