New To Yoga

The best place to start is to take our Yoga Foundations course, consisting of 16 classes over 8 weeks. Truly the best way to learn is with the same teacher and same group of students. Not rushed and with plenty of individual attention so that you learn and build confidence and the discipline to keep up your practice at the same time.

Courses start regularly. See the widget on our Courses page for upcoming dates that suit your schedule. Once you have completed the Yoga Foundations Course, you may choose to continue your learning in a more structured environment by continuing with the Yoga 3, 4, and Level 5 courses. See our Courses page for more information. You may also choose to begin taking drop-in Open Classes, which are generally scheduled in four different timings each day, as it suits your schedule.

If you’d like to visit us and get a taste of our community and teachers, join our Community Class each Sunday from 8:30 – 9:30 am. These sessions are open to students at all levels. A great way to learn something new, meet like-minded people from our community and get a taste of our center. A unique experience. For more information see our Classes page.

Looking for Weight Loss? By keeping up a regular practice of yoga postures, proper breathing, and relaxation, we tend to maintain more healthy eating habits and a natural body weight without making effort. In fact, no special techniques are needed. Like all of us new to yoga, we need to gain the discipline and confidence to make yoga a part of life going forward. Our Yoga Foundations Course will help!

Once you’ve learned the basics there are many ways to stay inspired in your practice:

  • Attend our workshops and specialised courses.
  • Attend satsang to connect with the community.
  • Join our festival celebrations and member gatherings to feel part of things!

Please check back soon. This page is under construction and we will continue to update it with helpful resources for beginners.