Yoga Courses

Learn the basics of yoga or meditation from scratch systematically and safely with a small group in a friendly, relaxed setting with one of our Beginners’ Yoga Courses or Meditation Courses. Taking a course is also a way to renew your practice after some time away or to strengthen the foundation of your existing practice. The courses combine practice, theory, and discussion of health and well-being to help you to integrate the techniques of yoga and meditation into your everyday life. The yoga practices are taught step-by-step, including: 12 basic yoga postures, the sun salutation (surya namaskar), proper breathing or pranayama, and relaxation techniques. For an experienced practitioner, our Advanced Courses offer an opportunity to deepen your practice with more challenging variations and a longer holding of asanas to build strength, flexibility, and a quiet mind.

Beginners’ Course (Yoga1)

Start and Deepen Your Yoga Journey

This comprehensive course is designed for those who are new to yoga or looking to renew their practice. It covers the basics of yoga, as well as how to deepen your practice and take it to the next level.

In Beginners’ Yoga 1, you will learn the 12 basic yoga postures, sun salutation (surya namaskar), proper breathing and pranayama, relaxation techniques, introduction to a yogic diet, positive thinking, and meditation, and Swami Vishnudevananda’s Five Points of Yoga for health and inner peace.

The course meets 4 times per week for 4 weeks, covering both Yoga 1 (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)  for a total of 18 sessions.

Course Starts Every Monday

Duration: 18 class

Donation: Members: INR 4000 | Non-Members: INR 5000

Program of 2024

Month July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
6 am & 4 pm 15, 29 12, 26     9, 23    7, 21     4, 16
10 am & 6:30 pm 8, 22 5, 19     2,16,30    14, 28 11, 25

Meditation Course

Meditation is considered the most important of all yoga practices and leads to emotional balance, peace of mind, and a joy of living. Daily practice is known to remove anger, anxiety, and depression. In this comprehensive and informative course, you will be guided in the basic techniques of meditation to establish a daily practice. In addition, the course will help you to understand the nature of the mind and how to develop concentration and inner stability.

In addition, the course will help you to understand the nature of the mind and how to develop concentration and inner stability.

• Why and how to meditate
• How to establish a meditation practice at home
• How to develop concentration
• Meditation using mantras – tools for meditation

Textbook: Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vishnudevananda (included in the donation).

Duration: 4 classes
Donation: Members: INR 2000 | Non Members: INR 2500
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Month July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
06:00 AM 1 5     9    7     4   9
06:30 PM 15 19     23    21 25   23

Weekend Beginners  Course

Compromising 6 teaching classes of 90 minutes held on Saturday and Sunday for 3 consecutive weeks followed by 10 practice classes in any of the daily regular classes time slots.

Number of Classes : 6

Duration : 90 Minutes

Fees: Members: INR 3500/- | Non Members: INR 4500/-

Months & Time  July  Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
8:00 AM 6 10 14 5 16 7
4:00 PM