Welcome to Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Trivandrum Centre

Upcoming Courses

Beginners Weekday  : 13th Aug | 6.15am
Beginners Weekday  : 9th July | 6.15pm
Beginners Weekday  : 20th Aug | 6.15pm
Beginners Ladies     : 6th Aug | 9.30am
Beginners Ladies     : 27th Aug | 9.30am
Beginners Weekend  : 25th Aug | 8am
Meditation Course   : 27th Aug | 6.30pm

Upcoming Workshops

Shat Kriya: 4th August | 7am
Headstand : 5th and 19th August | 7am
Positive Thinking: 11th and 25th August | 7am
Yoga for the back: 12th and 26th July| 7am
Weight Loss: 18th August | 7am

Satsang (Spiritual gathering)

Every Saturday 6pm

Free Trial Class

Every Sunday 10am

Weekend Kids Classes

Sat & Sun-4-5PM