Welcome to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram, founded in 2002 and nestled within the beautiful forest lands of south India, with stunning views of the impressive Western Ghat mountain range and only one hour from the holy temple city of Madurai. Meenakshi Amman is the name of the Divine Mother who is the presiding deity of the world-heritage temple in Madurai.

The Ashram provides a sublime setting for the practice of yoga and meditation, in an environment that is both serene and harmonious, perfectly aligned with Mother Nature. The Ashram Temple, dedicated to the Goddess Kali, is surrounded by jasmine flowers used specifically for the offerings. The grounds of the Ashram have been designed in accordance with vastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design.

The Sivananda Experience

Yoga Vacation

Join our Yoga Vacation programme, designed by Swami Vishnudevananda and offered in our beautiful Ashrams around the world. Daily yoga and meditation sessions, healthy vegetarian food, inspiring spiritual teachings with like-minded people in an idyllic setting bring mental and physical relaxation and spiritual growth. We are open year-round and we welcome all.

Yoga Teachers Training

Gain a solid foundation in the classical yoga tradition in our life-transforming residential courses held at our Ashrams worldwide. You will awaken and strengthen your own yoga practice as well as build a firm foundation in classical yoga from which to teach others instinctively and confidently connecting to a tradition and lineage passed down through millennia.


Personalised therapies and detoxification programmes that are based on the understanding of each individual’s constitution using herbal medicines and oils, diet, exercise and lifestyle regimens, to bring health and harmony to body and mind. Our Ashrams offer an extensive range of workshops, retreats, training programmes and certification courses on the science of Ayurveda.