Teens’ Camp

The discipline of yoga and the fun of camp

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Where better to send your child during the summer holidays than to a place which combines the discipline of yoga and the fun of camp? With the increasing pressures from society, including from school and from social media, children more than ever need a foundation of strength and understanding to successfully navigate the world. There is no better way than to instil in their lives the ancient traditional teachings of India.


Here is a great combination of a disciplined life of yoga and the fun of summer camp. It aims to inspire young teens aged 12-14 with the understanding, knowledge, and tools they need to make a positive impact on themselves as well as the people and communities around them.

It teaches the values of a yogic life including vegetarianism, respect for all religions, love for nature and for humanity. Your child will find new friends and discover new interests. A unique and exciting way to spend the summer.
A certificate of participation is issued on completion of the course.



The programme is designed to promote self-respect and discipline as well as cooperation, teamwork, and a sense of community living.
This is achieved through a combination of indoor and outdoor activities all infused with an element of fun. The children learn the value of karma yoga (selfless service) as they help to maintain the Ashram with their daily tasks. Yoga asanas and meditation help to keep the body healthy, flexible and the mind focussed.

Arts and creative classes, outdoor games, indoor games, and workshops with special guest teachers are all part of the Camp, as well as organised day trips to local places of interest. A quiet time at the end of each day gives the child the opportunity to read, to write home or just to reflect on the day. Meals are vegetarian and snacks are provided during the day.


5.20am Wake up
6.30am Satsang
7.30am Tea & Snacks
8am Hatha yoga class
10am Brunch
11am Karma Yoga
12pm Bhagavad Gita lecture or chanting class
1.30pm Tea & Snacks
2pm Lecture / workshop / discussions
4pm Games / Outdoor Activity
6pm Dinner
7pm Silent time – reading stories, writing home, likhita japa etc.
7.30pm Satsang
8.30pm Happy assembly – indoor games
9.30pm Lights out

Children stay in separate boys’ and girls’ dormitories supervised by counsellors. The dormitories are simple and comfortable. Bathroom facilities have cold water only. Two sheets, pillow, pillowcase and mosquito net are provided.


  • Children need to bring any medication they require, swimming costume, towel x 3, yoga asana clothes (loose pants & t-shirts), water bottle, note book, pen, torch with spare batteries, clothes for day trips and a passport size photograph.
  • Children are free to leave after graduation. Parents are invited to meet the staff on the day of graduation. Both children and parents are welcome to stay at the ashram on the night after graduation. Accommodation on the night of graduation is free of charge for both children and parents.
  • Children will not be admitted for partial stay, they must stay for the entire duration of three weeks.
  • Children are not allowed to receive or make phone calls during their stay.
  • Parents are not allowed to visit during Teens’ Camp.
  • Ashram cannot be responsible for any item of value.
  • No pocket money – but deposit can be left with the ashram.
  • Laundry service available free of cost.
  • Children are not allowed to bring the following items into the ashram: Walkmans, Ipods, radios, electronic games, mobile phones or teen magazines to maintain the serenity and atmosphere of the ashram.
  • For any further information or queries, please contact [email protected]

In view of possible difficulties with visas and flights, we recommend that you register only after visas and flights are certain.

  • For cancelling the registration before the start of the course, the original payment will be refunded less:
    • 6.5% for Indians ie. INR payments.
    • USD 100 up until 3 months from the booking date for USD payments (all accommodations).
    • An additional USD 50 will be charged (USD refunds) where cancellation is after 3 months from the booking date (all accommodations).
  • Once the course starts, if the student decides to leave within three days, the original payment will be refunded less:
    • 18% for Indians ie. INR payments.
    • 25% for USD payments (all accommodations)
  • After three days of the course, no refund will be issued.
  • Students leaving the course before completion are required to return all teaching materials and uniforms.

Full refund will only be granted where SYVC has had to cancel the programme.

Revised 1-12-2021