New to Yoga & Meditation?

Beginners Yoga Course

Learn classical Hatha Yoga with a course that takes you from absolute beginner to a solid yoga practice of your own!

Classical Hatha Yoga Come away with a firm foundation in hatha yoga rooted in the Sivananda Yoga tradition, while learning the importance of deep relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation for your physical and mental well-being.
Experienced Teachers Our Sivananda-trained teachers have many years of experience teaching both on and offline – to people from across the globe. Our approach is gentle and holistic.
Individual Attention We restrict our class sizes to offer you individualised attention during each class and each step of the way. Any questions you may have will be answered personally during the sessions.

Beginners Yoga Part 1 (6 Days)

Step-by-step guidance building up gradually to the dynamic sun salutation and nine classical hatha yoga postures, including the shoulderstand, sitting forward bend and the cobra. The focus is on learning the postures properly, at a steady pace to ensure correct practice. Learn the art of proper breathing, with the practice of yogic breathing techniques and discover the bliss of deep relaxation.

21st – 26th September 2020

6 days  |  6 consecutive sessions

Donation : INR 1500 (~ 20USD)

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Beginners Yoga Part 2 (6 Days – Continuation of Part 1)

Building on the foundations laid in Part 1, develop strength and flexibility, advancing in the postures, adding new ones, and ensuring those learned in Part 1 are well-understood and well-established. New breathing techniques are introduced and the ability to focus the mind and reach a state of calmness within the posture is secured.

21st – 26th September 2020

6 consecutive days | 6 sessions | 15 students / batch

Donation : INR 1500 (~ 20 USD)


  • For beginners who have completed Beginners Yoga 1 or those who want to revisit some of the basic postures of hatha yoga
  • Participants should attend all 6 sessions in sequence

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Basics of Meditation

An in-depth introductory course to help you establish your own meditation practice.

Why Meditate?

  • Meditation brings peace of mind and happiness.
  • Meditation sharpens the mind and improves memory and concentration.
  • Meditation is an energy booster and a stress buster!

What will you learn?

  • How to set up your own meditation practice at home
  • Breathing techniques – anuloma viloma and kapalabhati
  • Concentration practices – tratak, mantra japa, likhita japa
  • Maintaining a Spiritual Diary – to record your progress
  • Guidance on continuing your practice beyond the course
  • Expert Sivananda teachers who have guided hundreds of students both off and online

An unquiet mind leads to negativity–stress, anxiety, disturbed relationships, general unhappiness. Meditation helps you break this cycle and live a peaceful and positive life.

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Class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention

6 consecutive days | 6 sessions  | Donation : INR 1875 (~ 25USD)

Meditation Courses


  • No prior knowledge of meditation necessary
  • Open to all ages
  • Participants should attend all 6 sessions in sequence

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Limited spots (max 15 participants / batch).

Free Trial Class

New to yoga and would just like to try out a class? Or curious about Sivananda Yoga? Then register for our Free Trial Class. Basic yoga postures, the sun salutation and some breathing exercises with guidance from an experienced teacher. A taster for a life-long yoga practice!

Donation: None.


  • No prior knowledge of yoga necessary

Upcoming Batches

  • 20th September | 10.00 – 11.30 hrs IST  Click Here to register
  • 27th September | 10.00 – 11.30 hrs IST  Click Here to register

Limited spots (max 15 participants / batch).

Note: For any doubts/clarification please email us [email protected] or call us + 91 49-542-69926

Certificate of Course Completion sent on request. Please email [email protected]

Download links

Satsang chant book: download

Spiritual diary:  download

Sivananda Opening & Closing Prayer: download

Zoom application: download