Release and limitation of Liability 

In registering for and participating in an SYVC Course, I hereby express my understanding, acknowledgement and agreement as follows:

(i)  I will be involved in physical activity and, as with any physical activity, there is a risk of injury;

(ii)  While SYVC staff, facilitators and instructors have advised that they make every reasonable effort to minimize exposure to known risks, I have been advised that none of the SYVC staff, facilitators, instructors or volunteers are licensed medical care providers and they have no expertise in determining the effect of any specific program or course on a medical condition;

(iii)  SYVC recommends that, before participating in any SYVC Course, I consult with my physician to ensure that my physical condition permits safe participation in an SYVC Course;

(iv)  By participating in an SYVC Course, I am certifying that my level of physical condition as determined by myself and/or my physician will allow me to safely participate in this program;

(v)  I am participating voluntarily and do so at my own risk;

(vi)  I hereby fully release the SYVC and its officers, directors, agents, staff, employees, facilitators, instructors, volunteers and sponsoring agencies from all claims or lawsuits for any injuries, death, property damage or theft, losses, or any other liability of any kind, arising directly or indirectly out of my participation in an SYVC Course;

(vii)  I understand and agree that, although SYVC endeavors to impart the importance of integrity and ethics in Yoga Teachers, Advanced Yoga Teachers, Sadhana Intensive and other courses they offer, SYVC is not responsible for the actions of those who have taken training in this course;

(viii)  I understand that the name Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and Sivananda are trademarked by SYVC, and that I cannot use these words in connection with the title or publicity of yoga courses or classes that I may offer, unless I have written permission from SYVC, although SYVC has advised that it is entirely appropriate for SYVC to be listed in my course bio or resume as a statement of my training;

 (ix)  I understand that the content of SYVC Yoga training course and manuals are copyrighted by SYVC and as such are legally the intellectual and physical property of the originator. I agree that I cannot reproduce any of their content in written or verbal form except with the prior written consent of SYVC, and any references to their content must be credited to SYVC with verbal/written reference to;

(x)  I understand and agree that I cannot hold, conduct or assist with conducting, any yoga teacher training courses which copy, reproduce or duplicate either the structure or content of the SYVC training course without obtaining prior written consent of SYVC;

(xi)  I acknowledge and agree that this Release Form, Limitation of Liability and Consent to use Personal Information is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State and the Central Government of India applicable therein, without regard to the principles of conflict of law.

(xii)  I irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Courts of the Judicial District of the State in which the programme I am pursuing is conducted, for all disputes arising out of or related to the SYVC Course.

(xiii)  I recognize that this Release Form, Limitation of Liability and Consent to use Personal Information is a legal contract and that, by reading it carefully, I have complete knowledge of its contents.