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Deepen Your Yoga Teaching Skills (For Sivananda-Certified Teachers Only)

Become a better yoga teacher!!

Do you need some guidance on teaching beginners or advanced? Is your teaching a bit rusty? Lack a little confidence? Need a boost? Some inspiration? We are offering a great opportunity to get together with fellow Sivananda TTC graduates guided by senior teachers of the Sivananda organisation

  • How to immerse yourself in the core principles of each posture
  • How to empower both yourself and your students
  • How to present instructions clearly and effectively
  • The importance of one’s own personal practice
  • The importance of the breath in teaching
  • How to handle different levels/abilities in a class
  • How to spiritualise your class
  • How to incorporate the 5 Points of Swami Vishnudevananda

4 modules over 5 weeks


  • For Sivananda-Certified Teachers
  • During course registration, your TTC Diploma is required to be uploaded.

Book now in one or more of the modules below. Save 20% when you book all four modules.

Upcoming Modules

*All classes 06.30am – 08.00am IST

Module 1: Intermediate & Advanced Variations
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Module 2: Corrections for the 12 Basic Postures
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Module 3: How to Teach Beginners’
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Module 4: Teaching Practice
10 days over 2 weeks   |   14th – 18th June & 21st – 25th June
Donation : INR 3500 (~ 48 USD)
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Learn How to Meditate

In these challenging times, meditation is being promoted from all quarters as one of the main practices to relieve stress and anxiety. It has been clearly shown that the more we are stressed the more our immune system is compromised. Meditation is simple, requires no equipment and can be done almost anywhere at any time. And its effects are remarkable. Modern research underscores what the ancients have been saying since time immemorial. The practice brings increased emotional balance, peace of mind and joy.

Learn the basic techniques and establish a daily practice that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

5 consecutive days | 5 sessions

Donation : INR 1500 (~ 20 USD)


Open to All

Upcoming Batches

14th – 18th June

  • 18.30 – 20.00pm hrs IST
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Memory, concentration, problem solving and relationships are all interconnected.Learn specific skills and techniques that can enhance both concentration and memory. In this workshop you shall be introduced to the following: Techniques to develop Memory Power enabling higher retention of things learnt. Techniques to simplify learning process. Skills to enhance your personality. Last but not the least helping parents build a secure relation with kids enabling the all round growth of child’s personality.

2 sessions

Donation : INR 800 


Open to All

Upcoming Batches

26th – 27th June

  • 18.30 – 19.30pm hrs IST
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