Fasting & Detoxification Programme

Join us for our powerful two-week detox and fasting programme. Increase your vitality and zest for life. Fasting improves sleep, digestion, lowers high blood pressure, boosts the immune system, reduces stiffness and joint pain, that’s just for starters!! You will feel lighter in body and mind.  Ayurvedic massage, colon cleansing and herbal extracts help the body detoxify. Daily yoga and meditation keep you energised and calm. It is also lots of fun!!

Contact: [email protected] or Call/ Whatsapp: +91 9446580764

By combining the practice of yoga, meditation and fasting you experience both physical and mental transformation. The Ashram’s daily schedule includes time for reflection and relaxation. All guests are required to attend morning and evening satsang. Yoga classes each day aid in the detoxification process, along with fresh vegetable and fruit juices served throughout the day.


5.20am Wake up
6am Satsang
7.30am Lemon Tea/Powders
8am Asana Class
10am Juice/Herbs
12.30pm Juice/Powders
1.30pm Herbs
2.30pm Juice/Powders
4pm Asana Class
6pm Broth/Herbs
8pm Satsang
10.30pm Lights out

Twin-Share A/C (Vaikuntam) and non A/C (Kailash) rooms with attached bathroom and hot water. Please note that Twin Share rooms with common bathrooms (Vishnu), dormitory and tent accommodation are not available for this programme.


Kailash Rooms: Shared non-AC twin rooms with private bathroom (hot water)


Vaikuntam Rooms: Shared AC twin rooms with private bathroom (hot water), kettle and fridge

  • To maintain the spiritual atmosphere of the ashram guests please review Ashram Do’s & Don’ts
  • Things to bring (also available at the ashram boutique)
    • yoga mat
    • meditation cushion
    • meditation shawl for cool evenings
    • comfortable loose fitting clothes
    • personal items
    • sandals
    • toiletries
    • towels
    • water bottle
    • torch
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In view of possible difficulties with visas and flights, we recommend that you register only after visas and flights are certain.

  • For cancelling the registration before the start of the course, the original payment will be refunded less:
    • 6.5% for Indians ie. INR payments (all accommodations).
    • USD 100 up until 3 months from the booking date for USD payments (all accommodations).
    • An additional USD 50 will be charged (USD refunds) where cancellation is after 3 months from the booking date (all accommodations).
  • Once the course starts, if the student decides to leave within three days, the original payment will be refunded less:
    • 18% for Indians ie. INR payments (all accommodations).
    • 25% for USD payments (all accommodations)
    • After three days of the course, no refund will be issued.

Full refund will only be granted where SYVC has had to cancel the programme.

Revised 1-12-2021