Yoga Vacation

Leave behind the stresses and strains of daily life and rediscover the joy of living in the idyllic setting of a traditional Indian Ashram. Immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle and dive deep into the ancient teachings of India in our inspirational year-round Yoga Vacation programme. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner increase your vitality and positivity with daily yoga practice, healthy vegetarian meals, silent meditation sessions, inspirational teachings and devotional practices–traditional to India–that are an integral part of your stay here. Based on the Five Points of Yoga of Swami Vishnudevananda the programme brings radiant health and inner peace.


The Ashram’s daily schedule includes time for reflection, learning and relaxation. All guests are required to attend morning and evening satsang, the afternoon lecture and both yoga classes each day to make the most of your stay and to contribute to the Ashram experience.

Each day starts and ends with satsang, a practice that is at the core of our Ashram life. Here we meditate silently, chant and listen to a discourse on yoga philosophy. Yoga asana classes are held twice a day, with classes for beginners and the more advanced.

We serve south Indian vegetarian meals, using as much as possible seasonal and locally-sourced food. Karma Yoga each morning gives you the opportunity to help around the Ashram and become part of Ashram life, and our daily workshop/lecture takes you into the deeper practices of yoga, explaining the theory, philosophy and psychology behind them and enhancing your practice even further.

Brunch time

5.20am Wake up
6am Satsang (group meditation, chanting and talk)
7.30am Tea
8am Asana Class
10am Brunch
11am Karma Yoga (selfless service)
12.30pm Asana Coaching (Optional)
1.30pm Tea
2pm Lecture (talks on various yoga topics)
3.30pm Asana Class
6pm Dinner
8pm Satsang (group meditation, chanting and talk)
10.30pm Lights out

The daily schedule may change from time to time and is mandatory unless otherwise indicated.

Prices per night/person for programme and bed and board

Headstand yoga posture

Date Season / duration Prices / Night
From 1st & 16th each month
(minimum 3 nights stay)
Low Season (May-Sept) Rs. 780 Tent
Rs. 780 Dorm
Rs. 1000 Vishnu twin share
Rs. 1280 Kailash twin share
Rs. 2040 Vaikuntam twin share with AC
High season (Oct-Apr) Rs. 880 Tent
Rs. 880 Dorm
Rs. 1100 Vishnu twin share
Rs. 1380 Kailash twin share
Rs. 2040 Vaikuntam twin share with AC

Yoga Ayurveda Cultural Programme 

21 Dec 2021 – 01 Jan 2022

Minimum 3 nights stay Rs. 980 Tent
Rs. 980 Dorm
Rs. 1200 Vishnu twin share
Rs. 1480 Kailash twin share
Rs. 2140 Vaikuntam twin share with AC
We provide various options for accommodation depending on the budget and preferences.

The Ashram offers five simple and functional types of accommodation. There are no single rooms.

Tent space: You are requested to bring your own tent, mattress, bed sheet and pillow. Shared tent area bathrooms are with cold water only.

For all accommodation a mosquito net is provided.

Vaikuntam Rooms: Shared AC twin rooms with private bathroom (hot water), kettle and fridge

Kailash Rooms: Shared non-AC twin rooms with private bathroom (hot water)

Vishnu Rooms: Shared non-AC twin rooms with common bathrooms (cold water only)

Dormitory: separate for men and women. Dormitories contain up to 32 beds with two-bedded cubicles. Limited solar heated water is available.

  • To maintain the spiritual atmosphere of the ashram guests are required to follow the daily schedule and the Rules & Guidelines
  • Things to bring (also available at the ashram boutique)
    • yoga mat
    • meditation cushion
    • meditation shawl for cool evenings
    • comfortable loose fitting clothes
    • personal items
    • sandals
    • toiletries
    • towels
    • water bottle
    • torch
  • Day trips to places of interest are regularly arranged on the free day (usually Friday).